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Mind Crush

Mind Crush

Mika Text

① Declare 1 card name; if that card is in your opponent's hand, they must discard all copies of it, otherwise you discard 1 random card.


In this format, unless all legal copies are accounted for, your opponent must reveal their hand to prove that they do not have the declared card.
● EG1: You declare "Celtic Guardian", an Unlimited card.
After discarding any cards, unless there are 3 copies of "Celtic Guardian" in your opponent's combined Field, GY, and Banished, they must reveal their hand.
● EG2: You declare "Dark Hole", a Limited card.
Unless your opponent discarded 1 "Dark Hole", they must reveal their hand.

● You can't activate this card unless you have at least 1 card in hand.
● You must name a legal Yugioh card. You can't name a card printed after this format, nor a Pokemon card.

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