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Imperial Iron Wall

Imperial Iron Wall

Mika Text

① Cards can't be banished.


● Even if "Dimensional Fissure" is on the field, cards still can't be banished.
● You can still activate effects which apply lingering effects that later banish cards.
For example, you can activate "Rekindling" or the effect of "Battle Fader" while this card is applying.
● While this is applying, you can return a "Battle Fader", summoned by its own effect, to the hand to summon "Genex Ally Birdman".
● You can't activate "Allure of Darkness" while this is applying.
If Iron Wall is chained to Allure, and you don't have a DARK in hand, send your hand to the GY. If you do, reveal the DARK in your hand, but don't banish it.

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