Vegas Errata


Modern card text is sometimes significantly different from how it was historically. When playing retro formats, like this one, we always use the historical card text. Click the buttons below to find the correct card text for these cards.


End Phase Errata

The effects of these cards only apply until the End Phase, and not for the entire turn.
This is important when used against cards with optional End Phase effects, like that of Bujin Yamato; Yamato activates in the End Phase, after these effects have stopped applying.

(in more detail: When the End Phase is entered, the turn player has Priority. They can use Yamato now, or pass priority.
If the turn player passes, the opponent can perform an action (eg, stopping their Effect Veiler from applying).
If the opponent passes, Yamato's controller has Priority. They must perform a mandatory action now (EG, a Spirit's effect).
Then the opponent is forced to perform a mandatory action - They must now choose to stop Veiler from applying.
Once Priority returns to the turn player, they are free to use Yamato's effect, which is now longer negated).

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