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Vegas Decks


Spirits slowly gain advantage with "Aratama", and are later capable of making a number of different plays, whether it be a Chaos Monster such as BLS, a rank 4, or even a Rank 6. The deck can also search any monster, as detaching Nikitama from Lavalval Chain lets you draw the card you stacked.

Rulings to know: "Nikitama"'s effect effectively can only be negated if Skill Drain is already face-up when it is Summoned.
If you discard Nikitama for Izanami, and add back the same Nikitama, you do not draw.
"Effect Veiler" only applies until the End Phase, so it will not negate the End Phase effect of Spirit Monsters.

Difficulty: Complex

Consistency: Medium

Power Ceiling: Medium

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