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Sun Dragon Inti

Sun Dragon Inti


"Fire Ant Ascator" + 1 or more non-Tuners
① If this card is destroyed by battle with a monster and sent to the GY:
Destroy that monster, and if you do, your opponent takes damage equal to half its ATK the field.
② If this card on the field is destroyed, during the next turn's Standby Phase, you can activate this effect (even if this card is no longer in the GY): Target 1 "Moon Dragon Quilla" in your GY;
Special Summon that target.



The ② effect:
● This effect doesn't activate in any zone. It can activate regardless of where this card physically is.
● It can't be negated by "Light Imprisoning Mirror".
● It can be negated by "Divine Wrath", but if it is, this card is not destroyed.

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