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Elemental Hero Absolute Zero

Elemental Hero Absolute Zero


1 "HERO" monster + 1 WATER monster
Ⓢ Must be Fusion Summoned.
① Gains 500 ATK for each WATER on the field (except "Elemental HERO Absolute Zero").
② If this card leaves the field:
Destroy all monsters your opponent controls.



● The ② effect will trigger even if it is returned to the Extra Deck or banished.
● "Starlight Road" can be chained to the ② effect as long as you control at least 2 monsters.
(However, Stardust will only be summoned if this effect is being activated while in the Extra Deck).
● The ② effect will not trigger if it was face-down when removed from the field.
(If it was attacked while face-down, it is flipped face-up, and does activate when destroyed by battle).
● If this card is tributed to Tribute Summon a monster with a Trigger effect (i.e. any Monarch),
the ② effect must be Chain Link 1.

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