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The best Retro-Rulings Discord Bot!

RoboMika is a discord bot built for Retro Format Rulings.
It's specifically designed for Goat, Edison, and HAT,
but can be helpful for any other retro format.

The bot also provides an updated version of PSCT for cards, even those which did not have PSCT at the time. For example, searching for "Megarock Dragon" shows the PSCT Nomi indicator ("Must") which does not appear on any of its printings.

Card missing in the Database? Let me know!

Useful Unicode (this isn't required in your submission, but you can copy it if you like): Ⓤ Ⓒ Ⓢ ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ●

Thanks for helping! Your ruling will be added after a review period (this could take up to a week)


15th February 2023:

  • Added Stein format rulings

  • Added DAD Return format rulings

  • Added TeleDAD format rulings

  • Added Cat format rulings

  • Added Gladiator format rulings

  • Added Fire-Water format rulings

  • Added HAT format rulings

3rd February 2023:

  • Added Slash Commands.

  • Improved search.

27th January 2023:

  • Added mmy command. These are previous YCS Judge Rulings which were never publicly available.

  • Thanks to Retired_ygo_judge for supplying these rulings.

5th November 2022:

  • Added mmx command. You can use this for finding out what specific PSCT elements mean. 
    Current commands are:
    mmx SEGOC
    mmx Lingering
    mmx Trigger Order
    mmx :
    mmx ;
    mmx Both
    mmx Them
    mmx Those
    mmx Those Targets
    mmx All
    mmx And if you do
    mmx And
    mmx Then
    mmx Also
    mmx Also, after that
    mmx Conjunctions

13th Sept 2022:

  • Removed mmt command (use mme instead).

17th June 2022:

  • Added all UDE Edison rulings (a few thousand more cards).
    These don't have PSCT, and are quite wordy (much like the goat ones).

15th June 2022:

  • Added all Goat cards which don't have rulings.

8th June 2022:

  • Added Goat Format Rulings.
    These are from, and as a result, appear quite differently to the other (Edison/Tengu/HAT) rulings.
    They are not linked to Card Pages, and are formatted quite poorly. 

  • I may work on the formatting for Goat in the future, but this feature will not be coming anytime soon.

5th June 2022:

  • Bot released.

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