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both o' those & them

In PSCT, there is a distinction between "Both", "Those", and "Them". This short cheat sheet explains this distinction.

"All 3" or "Both" - Daigusto Emeral: "Target 3 monsters in your GY; shuffle all 3 into the Deck."

● Everything targeted must be affected, otherwise none are affected. ● If one of Emeral's targets can't be shuffled, none are shuffled (and no card is drawn).

"Those targets"- Vulcan the Divine: "Target 1 face-up card on each field; Return those targets to the hand."

● Affect as many as possible, but only cards which are still legal targets.

● If one of Vulcan's targets isn't face-up, it isn't returned, but the other target is still returned.

"Them" - Icarus Attack: "Target 2 cards on the field; destroy them."

● Affect as many as possible with no strings attached.

● Even if one of Icarus' targets leaves the field before this resolves, the other is still destroyed.

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