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Quickdraw Synchron



① During your Main Phase: You can send 1 other monster from your hand to the GY, and Special Summon this card from your hand.
Ⓒ For a Synchro Summon, you can substitute this card for any 1 "Synchron" Tuner.
Ⓒ Cannot be used as a Synchro Material, except for a monster that lists a "Synchron" Tuner as material.



● The ① effect is an ignition effect. It activates, and can be chained to.
● Sending a card to the GY is part of the ① effect. It happens when this effect resolves.
If you cannot send, you cannot Summon. If you cannot Summon, you do not send.
(If the effect is negated, you do not send a card from your hand to the GY)

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