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Cyber Valley



① If this card is attacked by opponent’s monster:
You can banish this card;
draw 1 card, then end the Battle Phase.
② You can target this card and 1 other face-up monster you control;
banish both targets, then draw 2 cards.
③ You can target 1 card in your GY;
banish both this card and 1 card from your hand,
then place that target on top of the Deck.



● The ① effect can activate and resolve while “Skill Drain” is applying.
● The ② effect can target a token monster.
(in which case you still draw, and the token is destroyed).
● If the ② effect is activated, the other target must be face-up to be banished.
(This card doesn’t need to stay face-up to be banished. If either isn’t banished, none are banished; no cards are drawn).

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